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Job details:



  • Clip hair out of client’s face

  • Makeup wipe

  • Moisturizer

  • Under Eye serum

  • Fan dry

  • Primer 

  • Spray setting spray

  • Gel brows 

  • Chapstick



  • brush hair 

  • Dry shampoo on roots

  • Heat protector and brush all out 

  • If extensions needs to be added, installation:

 (Tease roots, add texturizing powder and clip)

On the Job Requirements:

  1. Take behind the scenes photos and videos

  2. Clean brushes and kit if needed


*Assistants will be my lead artists/stylists


*I will post their work on my accounts with no tags


*My posts with them will have “team member 'X' as assistance for hair and makeup”


*I will get assistants to do collab work with photographers, paid and unpaid.


*If assistant is available for a booking they get priority booking


Prices: $150 assistant 

We collect $50

Assistant gets $100 for a day rate

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