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Florida Prices

All services are priced per person. All adult makeup applications include optional false strip lashes. We require a signed contract and a payment to be officially booked.
-A 20% tip is required per artist per booking.
-Please bring your own lipstick to the appointment.
Client Honesty Policy
The client may not deceive our company or any of our artists of the type of event for selected services.
*Please let us know at the time of inquiry if you or someone in your party has very thick and long hair. We may need to schedule more time and the price may be higher.


Bridal Makeup

Includes full face skin prep, cleanse & prime, skin care, traditional makeup application, and optional false strip lashes. Airbrush Effect is available upon request.


​ Bridal Hairstyling

Includes 1 hairstyle of the bride's choice.


Bridal Makeup Preview

-meet and get to know artist
-full-face traditional makeup with complimentary strip lashes
-1 look per session


Bridal Hair Preview

Includes 1 hairstyle per session.


Wedding Attendant Makeup

Includes a bridesmaid, a wedding guest, the mother of the bride, or anyone attending the wedding. Per person.
Ages 15+


Wedding Attendant Hair

Includes 1 hairstyle of choice including updo, down-do, or half-up. Charged per person.
Ages 15+


Junior Bridesmaid Makeup (11-14)

Includes Foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, mascara, and lip gloss.


Junior Bridesmaids Hair (11-14)

Includes 1 hairstyle of choice including updo, down-do, or half-up.


Flower Girl Makeup (under age10)

Includes mascara, blush, lip gloss, and shimmer.


Flower Girl Hair (under age 10)

Includes 1 hairstyle of choice including updo, down-do, or half-up.



Non-Bridal Makeup

Includes full-face traditional makeup and complimentary false strip eyelashes.


Non-Bridal Hair

Includes 1 hairstyle of choice.




Hair is blown out with a hair dryer using a round brush. No styling is involved.


Clip-in Hair Extensions

For extensions brought in by the client, the price is applied in addition to the desired hairstyle. Extensions must be cleaned and combed prior bringing it to your appointment.


Airbrush Makeup

Makeup is sprayed onto the skin using an airbrush machine and gives a smoother finish to the skin.


Additional Fees

Early Morning Fee

For any appointment that needs to start before 6:00 AM, an early morning fee of $150 will be required per artist per booking.


Travel Fee

Travel fee starts at $70 for local round trip and increases depending on the artist's mileage and distance.


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