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Team Member Rules

We have a group chat on Instagram where we send out all of our jobs that are available and you can claim availability. You are welcome to participate in the group chat to ask questions, collab, and get help from others on jobs you have of your own! ✨

We are a team and a community. There are rules in this chat though. 

  1. No bullying

  2. No negativity

  3. No violence

  4. No hostility

  5. No cancellations of locked-in appointments

  6. No being rude to clients or others in this community or anything that will negatively affect Mobile Beauty's reputation. 

  7. No complaints about or holding grudges against anyone in the community or any clients.

  8. You must maintain communication with the booked client. 

  9. For any rescheduling of an appointment with the Client, we will need to be informed.

  10. No backing out of a freshly locked-in appointment. It is your responsibility to check the travel distance to see if the travel fee fits or not. If the total pay on the job post isn't enough for you, please don't claim availability.

  11. Once a Client is locked in, there can no longer be any changes made to the final payment. If you have requests for more travel fees, you must let us know upon claiming availability. For example, you can say "Available, but with $XX travel."

  12. Please read everything, including these rules as well as everything in the job post.

Rules are subject to change. If any of these rules are broken or if a client files a complaint against you, you will be removed from the team and our group chat.

Please message us on Instagram at mobilebeautyservicesllc directly for any questions or concerns you may have. We are always here for you!

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